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Friends of A.V. Moskalenko

Valeri Kravchenko (VEK)

About the friend

Valeri Egorovich Kravchenko (VEK) — biography...

Here you can also take a closer look at creative work by VEK:

  1. Novels:
  2. Collected stories "Heavenly font" published in 2007 (in Russian):
    • The beer business
    • A corpse
    • How kick one out of his circle
    • In these white grey nights
    • Transfiguration
    • Incognito
    • The sacred gentleman's friendship
    • The last days of Goricyn
    • The story of diseases
    • In the den of the enemy
    • Filia
    • Joiner and stove-setter
    • Russian Faust
    • Defective genius
    • "Young Guards"
    • The blue dog
  3. The collection "Pushchiners are fond of a joke" published in 2007 (in Russian)
  4. The collection of poetry "The eye-witnessed of epochs" published in 2005 (in Russian)
  5. The narratives published in the German newspaper "New lifa" during 1990–1994 (in German):
  6. Invited papers published in different newspapers during 1990–2004 (in Russian)
  7. The articles published in the Pushchino newspaper "Biosphere" during 2005–2006 (in Russian)

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