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My cat Jackie  ||  Videoserial "Kote"

Well... My little beggar has grown up, and girl-friend whould be very wholesome for him now. Do have anybody any suitable offer?

Formerly he was little and silly, and he was very uneasy, when he was given a bath:

And I was forced to dry him off just in such a way:

To make a long story short, he roamed through his life as if it were in the dark!

Occasionally he romped in such manner that he had to be pacified:

But now anything with him is entirely in a different way! Today he is a very cute and widely-read cat:

He is very pure and tidy, and he even cleans his teeth every day before going to sleep:

He always is prepared for helping me to be occupied with our household:

I recommend! Your pussy will remain greatly pleased.
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