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Friends of A.V. Moskalenko

From time immemorial I have an intention of telling on the pages of my many-sided web-site about those, who grant me their substantial wholesome contribution, — in other words, about my real good friends. And in January 2010 at long last I fully ripened to realize this good idea — in this way appeared this Section of my web-site.

Here, on the pages of the Section, gathered I those, who revealed yourself in real kind deeds, having endeavoured patiently for a pretty long time to help me in my worries. Beneath can you see the list of the people (and the animals)). More information is available in Russian version of the Section.

Friend-list of Andrey Moskalenko

My cat Jackie

Yuri Evgenievich Elkin

Vladimir Maksimovich Knyr

Valeri Egorovich Kravchenko (VEK)

News from my friends

In recent times it happens such things as...

January 2011
Comming so soon as it happens... Russian version is updated.

Archives of previous news...

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